The Man Behind The Lens

As a young boy, I can remember dreaming of one day owning a camera and being free to capture life as I see it. Despite this desire, photography was far from my reach. It was the advent of digital photography which greatly decreased the costs and opened up a world of opportunity for me. Shortly before my 30th birthday, I saved up and bought a gift for myself that I had long desired.

Self-taught and in love with the art that uses light as its medium, I am always aiming to create a photograph that will emotionally engage its viewer and bring them into another world. Emotions connect us to all things in a deeper manner and from my perspective…art is about feeling and should create an experience that moves you in some way. Thank you for taking time to explore my creative expression and captured moments. I hope that it has connected with you somewhere deep inside and in that moment, enabled you to feel something that you had long forgotten or taken you somewhere that you have never explored.